Information and instructions

How to request an earnings withdrawal

Conditions for applying for withdrawal of earnings

How to request withdrawal of earnings to a bank account?

There are two ways to request a payout:

1. Issue us an invoice.

Billing information:

Renáta Hálová
Slovenská 2942/33
Karviná, 733 01
ID: 73958565
TIN: CZ6658171707

Don't forget to include your account number on the invoice.

Send the invoice by email to [email protected], we will pay immediately.

LesbianPlanet is not a VAT payer.

2. Provide us with proof of date of birth (natural person, non-entrepreneur).

If earning on LesbianPlanet is a random activity and does not meet the conditions of business (according to the applicable law), you can send us proof of your social security number.

A sample document can be downloaded here: SAMPLE

a) fill in its left part (personal data and account number).

b) write briefly what you did for us in the lower part "job description". For example, "I charge you a commission for the subscription of multimedia content.", "I charge you for bringing users to the site."

c) fill in the amount to be paid

d) print and sign

e) scan or take a photo of the document with the signature and send it to [email protected]

The payment will then be sent to your account.

Keep in mind that earnings need to be taxed according to applicable laws.

Each user is responsible for the taxation of earnings. Please read our Conditions for compliance with tax regulations and VAT. The proof of payment for the date of birth is only a sample.