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Terms for payments to creators

Conditions for payments to creators

Notice regarding the language priority of the web terms.

In the event of any inconsistencies, contradictions or errors in translation between the English and Czech versions of our web terms, the Czech version shall be the primary and final terms. Czech conditions take precedence and will always apply over English conditions. If you have any questions about the content or interpretation of the Website Terms, please contact us for further information and clarification.

1. Creator payouts:

a) If you have submitted a payout request, earnings will be paid to your bank account after all required documents have been supplied. The withdrawal request is also subject to the terms How to apply for withdrawal of earnings.

b) Your creator earnings will be available for withdrawal from your LesbianPlanet account once your earnings have reached a minimum amount. The minimum amount for CZK is 1000 CZK and for EUR it is 43 Euro. The minimum amount may change according to the development of the current exchange rate.

c) The amount you see in your "earnings" on your LesbianPlanet account is your earnings for the relevant period. All creator payments and creator earnings are made in CZK or EUR only. If you select the Czech Republic when registering your account, your currency will be CZK. If you select one of the other countries, your currency will be EUR. It is no longer possible to change the currency after registration. Your bank may charge you currency conversion fees for receiving money. We have no control over exchange rates or fees imposed by your bank.

d) If a customer requests a refund in connection with a payment to a creator made to you, we may investigate and may decide to deduct the appropriate amount from your account.

2. Circumstances in which we may withhold creator earnings:

a) We may withhold all or any portion of Creator Earnings due to you but not yet paid:

I. if we believe that you have seriously or repeatedly violated, or may have seriously or repeatedly violated, any part of the Terms of Service;

II. if you attempt or threaten to violate any part of the Terms of Service in a way that we believe has or may have serious consequences for us or another user (including actual or potential loss to us or another user); or

III. if we suspect that all or any portion of Creator Earnings is derived from illegal or fraudulent activity, either by you or by a subscriber who made a payment leading to Creator Earnings,

b) We shall have no liability to you if we withhold or forfeit any of your Creator Earnings if we are entitled to do so under the terms of use for creators.

c) If we withhold all or any portion of Creator Earnings due to you, and we determine that the portion of Creator Earnings we are withholding is unrelated to your breach of the Terms or suspected illegal or fraudulent activity, we may arrange for you to a portion of creator earnings that we determine is unrelated to your violation of the Terms of Service or suspected illegal or fraudulent activity has been paid out. However, you agree that if we determine that your violation of the Terms of Service has caused or may cause us a loss, we may withhold any Creator Earnings that are due to you but have not yet been paid and we may set such amounts against any losses suffered.

d) If, after completing an investigation, we determine that Creators' earnings have been forfeited, we will use (unless prohibited by law) our best efforts to ensure that all Subscriber payments are refunded to Subscribers.

Terms were last updated: 6/15/2022