Information and instructions

Screams info

What are Screams?

Screams is a text strip in the header of the main wall where you can write dating related texts.

For example, you can write a message, a greeting, a dating ad, or a personal message in the Scream.

Your text will be displayed in the text bar until someone else overwrites it.

Rules for writing Screams

The maximum length of the text written in Scream is 100 characters.

The text of the message must not contain any commercial messages, links to www pages, or texts not directly related to dating and personal communication.

The text of the message must not violate the law, must not contain profanity, phone numbers, e-mail contacts, messenger contacts, sexually oriented stimuli, as well as any mention of work in erotica, massage parlors, paid sex, etc., as well as texts that are contrary to the legitimate interests of the operator.

The text of the Scream must not contain criticism, evaluation, or personal attacks against other user(s).

The text of the Scream will begin to appear immediately after activation.

The text of the Scream is displayed to all users, including blocked ones.

The 5 most recently written Screams are always displayed in the text bar - they alternate at ten-second intervals.

The text is displayed until it is overwritten by a newer one or its activation time expires.

The price for the activation of Scream is indicated in the activation window of this service. The amount will be deducted from your Points credit, or Cash credit (if you don't have enough funds in the Points credit).

It is forbidden to write the texts of Screams in capital letters, unless required by the rules of Czech orthography.

Any Scream can be deleted by the administrator, even without giving a reason.